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When it Comes to All Things Long Term Care, We've Got You Covered

Top Reasons to Apply Today

Guarantee Issue

Guarantee issue means there are no health questions during your initial enrollment period. You are guaranteed approval for coverage. Plan and age limitations apply.

Issue Age Rate

Rates are based on your age when policy is issued. Rates do not increase as you age.

Affordable Long Term Care Plan

The plan choices you select determine your premium for LTC insurance.

Wherever You Go,Take it with You

If you leave employment, your coverage is portable at the same rate.

What is my Risk of Needing LTC?

Why would you handle the risk of LTC any differently than you handled the other risks?

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Risk of getting into
an auto accident

1Bureau of the Census Data, 2000 and 2000 data collected from the federal Highway Administration, November 2001

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Risk of
becoming disabled

2ARS-AFM Administrative and Financial Services, Retirement and Benefits, LTC Care Basics Q&A article, Section: It Can Happen at Any Age, January 7, 2003

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Risk of needing LTC

(ages 18-65)

3Long Term Care. AHRQ Focus on Research. AHRQ Pub No. 02-M028, March 2002. Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

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Risk of needing LTC

(ages 65+)

4US Department of Health and Human Services. “National Clearinghouse for Long Term Care Information.”  2011. 


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