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Instructions on Applying for the WA Cares Fund Exemption

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You work hard for
financial stability.

Why play games with what you've built?

When compared to other risks,

long term care is the greatest risk we face



risk of getting in a car accident

1Bureau of the Census Data, 2000 and 2000 data collected from the federal Highway Administration,
November 2001



risk of becoming 

2ARS-AFM Administrative and Financial Services, Retirement and Benefits, LTC Care Basics Q&A article, Section: It Can Happen at Any Age, January 7, 2003


 (ages 18 - 65)
risk of needing
long term care

3Long Term Care. AHRQ Focus on Research. AHRQ Pub No. 02-M028, March 2002. Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality


 (ages 65+)
risk of needing
long term care

4US Department of Health and Human Services. “National Clearinghouse for Long Term Care Information.”  2011. 

You’ve Worked Hard to Build Your Success, 
Make Sure it's Protected

Long Term Care (LTC) insurance protects what you have worked so hard to build, giving you the freedom to use your savings the way you had always planned. It is the final box to check on the checklist for your financial future.

Have you thought about how long your money would last if you had to pay a LTC bill that was over $90,000 per year? With a typical stay of 2.4 years, you can see how easy it would be to completely deplete your hard earned savings and investments in a very short time.


Advantages of Employer Plans

Access to an LTC Plan
There are limited LTC plans on the individual market

Fewer Health Questions
Less health questions on your application increases your likelihood of being approved for coverage

Employer Rates
The rates are gender neutral

Convenience of Paying Premiums Payroll Deducted
While employed you and your spouse/partner are payroll deducted

Take it with you
Your policy is portable, so you can take it with you at the same rate

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WA State Long Term Services and Supports Trust Act

LTC Myths

Government Programs

Advantages of Applying For LTCi Now

Anyone Could Need Long Term Care

What Does Long Term Care Really Cost?

3 Reasons to Protect Yourself with

Long Term Care Insurance

Relieve the Burden of Care From Your Loved Ones

Freedom to Choose Care Setting

Protect Family Finances and Savings

Act Now

Your deadline to apply is 9/15/2021


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