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What Does LTC Cost?

The Average Annual Cost of LTC Care1

There are three types of care settings for LTC.

  • Assisted Living offers residents independence and a home-like atmosphere with the availability of personal care and support services, if needed. The average stay is 2.5 - 3 years.

  • Home Care is supportive care provided in the comfort of your own home by licensed healthcare professionals or professional caregivers. The average stay is 3 years.

  • Nursing Home provides continual residential care and is often referred to as a skilled nursing facility, care home or rest home. In these facilities, nursing aides and skilled nurses are usually available 24 hours a day. The average stay is 2.4 years. 

To find the cost of LTC in your area, select the image below.


1Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2019, conducted by CareScout®, October 2019

What Is Your Strategy to Pay for LTC?

I Don’t Have a Plan; Therefore I'm Self-Insuring
Not having a plan means using everything you've worked for such as your savings, retirement, and home to pay for your LTC.
(See self-insuring below)

I'll Depend On Family To Care For Me
The people you love will make a sacrifice to put their lives aside to become caregivers. They may need to quit their job, give up time with their children, and reduce their budget to make ends meet.

I'll Rely On Government Programs

A possible strategy could be Medicaid. Medicaid is a government program which covers LTC for individuals with low income and limited resources.
(Visit Government Programs)

I'll Use Other Benefits

Only LTC insurance covers LTC.
(Visit LTC Myths)

I Plan On Purchasing LTC Insurance

Having a LTC policy will help protect my savings, retirement, and home, without being a burden on my family.

Self-Insuring - Can You Save Enough Money?

Let's consider what that means. Paying for care from your savings and assets
can have a negative impact on your financial commitment. Probably the main concern is if you have enough savings and assets to pay for LTC.

56% of couples without long term care insurance spend their income down to poverty level after one partner has spent 6 months in a nursing home2.


How Does The Cost of LTC Affect You and Your Family?
Using income to pay for care and cover lifestyle expenses is
‘double-counting’. Every dollar used for care is a dollar that cannot be used as income to pay for your everyday expenses, such as:

  • Mortgage or rent

  • Transportation

  • Utilities and other recurring bills

  • Charitable donations

  • Lifestyle expenses including a vacation home, boat, club membership, season’s tickets, etc.

If you choose not to purchase LTC insurance, then by default you have chosen to self-insure. 

2Health Insurance Association of America

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