Attention WA State Residents
Instructions on Applying for the WA Cares Fund Exemption

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Advantages of Applying For LTC Insurance Now

Your Good Health
Buys Your Coverage

Insurance companies will review your health history to determine approval or declination of your application. If your health changes by the time you decide to purchase, you may be uninsurable. Some reasons people can be declined are; height and weight proportion and medication use.

There is a Cost to Waiting

Today your rate is the lowest it will ever be. The longer you delay, the more you pay. Obtain your best rate today.

LTC Policy Starts Now 

Most of us know someone who has had an unexpected accident or illness at a young age.
It’s more common than you might think; the longer you go uninsured, the longer you are unprotected if you need LTC.

Take LTC Policy With You

If you leave employment,
your coverage is portable at the same rate. 
If your employer was paying for a portion of your LTC Insurance, you will be responsible for the full policy premium. You must convert your policy payment to direct billing with the carrier. 

When is The Best Time to Apply For a LTC Policy? 

Your health qualifies you for coverage. The younger and healthier you are, the more likely you are to be approved. Rates are based on your age when you sign up. 

The Right Time To Buy 


Act Now

Your deadline to apply is 9/15/2021


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